Case Study: Omnicell

As a 25-year industry leader in medication and supply management, medication adherence, and workflow solutions, Omnicell has driven significant improvements in pharmacy technology. The company is working to tackle the $300 billion problem of medication non-adherence by partnering with community, retail, chain, institutional, and hospital pharmacies to ensure they have the technology needed to help patients take their medications as prescribed.

As larger companies announced major acquisitions with plans to enter the medication adherence market, we worked to position the company against larger competitors as an advocate of the community pharmacist. While broad DTC campaigns help grow general interest in medication adherence solutions, this campaign specifically focused on pharmacy publications as these target their key customers. The company believes it is important to support local pharmacists and refute the notion that an expanding mail order market will decimate their businesses.


Working with Omnicell executives, we developed a rapid response pitch strategy that specifically targeted niche pharmacy trade publications speaking to what this acquisition means for pharmacists. The goal of this outreach was to communicate to pharmacists on the frontlines why this news presents an opportunity to showcase their clinical value. This was accomplished through a mix of media interviews and byline content.