Case Study: Bioness

With 5.5 million people suffering long-term disability from stroke the importance of rehabilitation has never been greater to improve functional capabilities, quality of life and community reintegration.

In the months following a stroke, survivors must contend with significant challenges– including depression, pain, financial burden and impact to spouses or close family and friends. In many cases, the inability to treat pain effectively prevents rehabilitation, which often leads into a series of other problems, all of which can prevent the patient from living their best life possible.

Our mission was to position Bioness as the leader in helping patients reclaim their independence following a stroke.


Next Step developed a media relations program focused on promoting real-life stories demonstrating how patients are reclaiming their lives post stroke using Bioness technology. The campaign focused on the topic of pain and the role of technology in post stroke rehabilitation. Physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists were able to shed light on how technology can help patients through the recovery journey.


In addition to generating local broadcast and print coverage, we sought to tell these stories on the national stage. The campaign achieved coverage across several tier-one consumer, national media outlets and featured a variety of patients and experts.