As social media continues to grow, it is more important than ever for brands to have a powerful online presence. The increase in eCommerce, which was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has made it imperative to have strong social media marketing strategies. Over the past decade, consumers are disliking the pushy and inauthentic sales tactics that brands have used for years. Instead, consumers want to buy from brands they like and trust — which has led to an increase in influencer marketing! 

If you’re not familiar, an influencer is someone with usually over 1,000 followers on social media with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items. With an average ROI of $5.78 for every dollar spent, it is time for your brand to dive head first into this marketing medium!

What Influencer Size is Best for Your Brand?

When thinking of influencer marketing, we usually think of mega influencers with millions of followers. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better. In fact, there has recently been a decline in celebrity endorsements and a shift towards nano and micro-influencer marketing. When it comes to finding influencers for your brand, it is important to know which influencer size to target. Here is a breakdown of influencer sizes and what they offer your brand. 

  • Nano-Influencers: These influencers usually range in size from 1,000-5,000 followers. They are often new and growing an audience, but despite being small in size, they have tons of credibility and rapport with their audience. If the nano-influencer has the same audience as your brand, then your product will be shown to the right people. If you have a low-budget campaign and a specific audience, these are the influencers to target.
  • Micro-Influencers: Ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 followers, these influencers have high engagement rates, loyal audiences, and are easier to work with than large influencers. They usually work with small to medium-sized brands, and the brand exposure these companies get in return is often high. These influencers will cost a little more than nano-influencers, but you’ll see a strong ROI.
  • Mid-Tier Influencers: Usually ranging in size from 50,000 to 500,000, these influencers have status and collaborate with top brands. They will have a much higher price per post than the latter but could grow your brand in just a few posts. 
  • Mega Influencers: These influencers have over 500,000 followers and are considered celebrities. If you want to work with them, you’ll likely have to sign a contract as there may be legal aspects to be covered. Sure they have millions of followers, but oftentimes their audiences perceive their collaborations as inauthentic.

Follow the Trends for the Greatest Success

It is no secret that influencers are starting to dominate the social media marketing sphere — the industry has grown from a mere $1.7 billion in 2016 to $16.4 billion in 2022! If you want to maximize your investment in this marketing technique, you’re going to want to follow the trends. 

With the growing popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels, video content is key. Consumers are looking for content that is light-hearted and engaging, which is particularly seen through video. This content is generally more authentic, which is what consumers want. Look for influencers who have been successful in video spaces. So, if your brand doesn’t have a presence on TikTok or has taken advantage of Instagram Reels or Stories, it is time to start!

As we talked about in our Gen Z marketing blog, authenticity reigns supreme in 2022. Consumers don’t want to see overly scripted advertisements. Select influencers that already — or will naturally — talk about your brand. Creators are shifting away from perfectly curated feeds and choosing to share less edited and more real-time photos and videos of their lives. Give the influencer some free rein on how they want to promote your product. If you force them to speak on script, their audience will feel the inauthenticity, and you won’t get the brand engagement you’re looking for. Influencers also want to be approached with the same authenticity. Before reaching out to influencers, know your purpose for doing so. If you are looking to gain brand awareness, drive sales, or present your brand to a new demographic, approach them with an authentic message and a genuine motive for the best results. 

Time to Get Started! 

Keep in mind that influencer marketing — unlike celebrity endorsements — is not paying someone to say good things about your brand. Influencers have spent time building their own brands and fostering a relationship with their audience. This means, they likely won’t endorse your brand unless the relationship is mutually beneficial. Remember — influence does not mean popularity. You are trying to elicit a certain action from your audience, so look at the influencer’s audience before their follower count to get the most out of your marketing campaign.

Here at NSC, we have seen firsthand the impact influencer marketing can have on businesses. In working together with one of our clients, viO HealthTech, parent company to OvuSense, we have helped launch and build an award-winning influencer program that has generated brand awareness and driven sales. Our work on this ambassador campaign even took home the Silver Bell at the Annual Bell Ringer Awards under the Unpaid Influencer/Ambassador Campaign category. As part of this program, we work with consumers and clinicians who talk openly about fertility struggles on social media. Many of these women belong to the TTC (trying to conceive) Community and have trusted relationships with their audiences. As part of the partnership, OvuSense supports their affiliates (also known as influencers) in trying their sensor, and also provides each partner with a unique discount code to share with their followers. In return, affiliates are encouraged to speak openly and honestly about how OvuSense has supported their fertility journeys. 

This program has been a huge success — OvuSense has seen increased sales, website traffic, and brand awareness, and it has played an important role in further fostering its tight-knit community. So, if you think that an influencer program is a right move for your business, it’s time to get started!