Next Up at Next Step: Sara Remus! Sara has worked both in-house and in the agency setting (she started out as an intern at NSC over five years ago!) and has a passion for understanding and storytelling healthcare tech, policy, and the patient experience. Read on for her life before NSC, favorite aspects of PR work, and what she’s doing when she’s not at the desk.

What is your background?

I grew up in Eastern and Central California, and was homeschooled until 6th grade. It explains a lot if you get to know me. I moved to Boston in 2015 to finish my undergraduate degree in Public Relations because it was the furthest away I could get from Arnold Schwarzenegger without a visa. 

My professional background is in public relations for the healthcare, life sciences, and material sciences verticals. For a period of time, while I was still in school, I did social media for one of Guy Fieri’s brand activations. One could argue there is a requirement of knowledge for the material sciences involved in the structural integrity of trash can nachos. 

What work at NSC are you most proud of?

Definitely trying a lobster during our 2017 retreat, which is firmly against my beliefs. Lobsters are sea insects and not made to be consumed.

Just kidding…It’s probably the fact that I have dramatically improved my graphic design skills for corporate social media. It used to be a pain point for me but now I really enjoy it! Aside from that, it’s always satisfying to write a byline that gets approved with few edits, or establish a good relationship with a new reporter. There’s a handful of folks that count on us for quality client news when it’s needed!

If you could only do one aspect of PR work what would it be?

Long-form contributed content writing. Specifically wrap-up blogs or more technical pieces.

What is your favorite memory of NSC?

Taking the wrong way back from the Jaws bridge in Martha’s Vineyard and riding a bicycle 18 miles with a team of coworkers that ran 10Ks for fun. It wasn’t a favorite memory at the time, but it’s painfully hilarious now. Especially for everyone that got to see me look like a tomato. It took some mental fortitude to make it back. 

What are you up to outside of NSC?

Mostly drinking wine and changing the color of my hair. Other times I’m making TikToks of my boyfriend’s dog or being confused about how I ended up at Target again.

Any advice for those entering or interested in PR?

You don’t have to be a consumer of all kinds of media to be good at what you do. However, you should immerse yourself in the space you’re focused on, and make sure it is something you would find interesting even if it were not your job! Also, have a professional Twitter account. 

Must-have item always on you?

Probably something I left at home.

Go-to pizza slice?

Anything with potato on it. It’s a real thing. 

Favorite place you’ve traveled?