Next Step Communications (NSC) is not just an award-winning PR agency, we are a specialized team of professionals and a close-knit community. As such, we want to showcase just how wonderful each of our hard-working, committed, and tenacious team members are. 

In the spirit of honoring all the hard work and innovative content our NSC team generates, we have started a new, monthly employee spotlight series, dubbed Next Up at Next Step. These blogs offer a chance for you to get to know more about the amazing people that make up the NSC team, hear about their background, experience in PR, and learn fun facts – from their favorite book, to their best piece of client coverage. 

Our first spotlight shines on Devin Kincade who started with us as an intern and since has joined the team full-time. Keep reading to learn more…

What is your background & how did you end up at NSC?

I grew up in Canton, Massachusetts and graduated from Canton High School in 2015! Following graduation, I spent my first two years pursuing my undergraduate degree at the University of Rhode Island, where my love of PR was first introduced. I ended up finishing my degree at Bridgewater State University, and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a PR concentration. It was my junior year of college when I was introduced to NSC and joined the team as an intern – and two years later, here I am as a full-time team member!

If you could only do one aspect of PR work for the rest of your career, what would it be and why? 

I have always loved writing – whether it’s something a bit creative, or more structured, it’s always been a focus for me, so I’d be very happy with doing content creation for the rest of my career. Building out a press release or highlighting a client’s customer in a blog feature is my jam.

What work at NSC are you most proud of?

I’d have to say I am most proud of helping secure patient interviews and then creating content out of this – videos, blogs, etc, which helps to amplify these inspiring stories even further. One piece I am exceptionally proud of helping create is this patient interview video – where Ronda shares what it was like the moment her StimRouter device was turned on for the first time. The emotion and importance of the piece is truly wonderful. When you hear some of their stories, it’s quite amazing to hear how our client’s products change lives and help people each day.

What is your favorite memory at NSC?

While I haven’t been a part of the team too long – about six months – I’ve always felt comfortable with everyone, and our bi-weekly socials have helped enforce this. Most recently, in lieu of an in-person holiday party, we had one over Zoom. We got to take a mixology course from a bartender at a local Boston restaurant, and it was such a great time. Not only do I now have some drinks to impress friends with, I was able to really bond with my coworkers outside of our normal atmosphere and it made me feel super grateful to be a part of this team.

Any advice for those interested or entering PR?

As a PR professional, I’ve realized that details cannot be overlooked, and there is always something to learn. The best part of the job is that PR professionals wear many hats, which ensures you are never bored with your work!

What are you up to when not working at NSC?

When I’m not working at NSC, I’m usually doing something active! I love going to Crossfit at my local gym, taking my dog for a hike, trying a new brewery with friends, or finding a new spot with delicious vegetarian dishes.


  • Movie: Big fan of the Harry Potter series or anything that will make me cry like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Book: The Guest List by Lucy Foley
  • Color: Black
  • Cookie: Oatmeal Raisin 
  • Season: Summer

You’re stuck in a desert & you only get ONE food, what is it? 

While absolutely not the most practical choice, it would definitely be coffee. Cannot live without it.