Many reflections on 2020 trends and predictions for 2021 have begun to circulate with the New Year approaching. So, how can you decide where to start, or what might move the needle for your business? 

We have discussed the importance of LiveStream videos and the continued rise of TikTok in past blogs, and suggest brand’s utilize these features. But, in comparing a few lists, we come across some other trends related to social media, content creation and general PR strategy that your business should consider heading into the New Year. 

Same Tricks Revamped:

With even more information available online, it’s time to use it to your advantage when researching and drafting the most impactful pitch possible. As always, keep a running document of your pitches and strike when the moment’s right given the national or local context. Your story should be directly related to what’s happening on a national scale or hyper local, especially when considering the particular journalist you are pitching to. While we know Twitter can be a time-suck, it can also be a great resource for research. By looking at past articles and how they have been positioned on social media, as well as the journalist’s interests, you can create uber-personalized and specific pitches that are sure to land your story coverage. 

Once you’ve garnered a journalist’s attention and secured coverage for your story, all that’s left is to share, share, share! Promote any and all coverage of your business or particular story across all platforms. In addition, engage with the publication’s coverage of your story through reshares, comments, and personally circulating to others. The power of word of mouth should not be underestimated. 

Breaking Through the Noise:

While your business should always strive to gain more customers, it shouldn’t be at the cost of customer loyalty among those you already have. Even the Harvard Business Review assessed that a 5% increase in customer retention translates to a 25% to 95% increase in profits. Your business can achieve this by showing that you care about consumer responses and experiences. Repost their mentions, engage with their reviews, and incorporate this information into future changes of your brand.

Don’t forget about email! Although it is an older marketing tool, this is truly where people get information. In order to get your consumers to actually open your email among the many that clutter inboxes daily, however, consider these tips when drafting your messages:

  • Use more graphics and less content
  • Keep it personalized to increase engagement by using names or talking about their hobbies: these emails have 26% better chance of being opened
  • Offer chances for discounts and opportunities to review your business to remind the customer that your business values their feedback: this can greatly help with retention
  • Incorporate humor and wit to increase personability on your end: this makes it seem less like an automated message trying to get people to open up the wallets and more about engaging with loyal customers

What Is Your Content Missing?

Whether you are paying for marketing ads on social media or not, having an active social presence can help you reach new audiences and maintain relationships with existing customers. For both organic and boosted posts, make sure the content incorporates a variety of these strategies: 

  • GIFs: short, sweet, and promote the fun side of your business
  • User-Generated Content (UGC): show your customers that their voice is heard and a highly persuasive tool to engage new customers
  • Collages: eye catching and encourage people to stop and scroll through the rest of your ad
  • Positive tone: we’ve had enough of the sadness in 2020, 2021 offers a chance to change the narrative with more upbeat sentiments

2020 trends and predictions for 2021 also promote storytelling as an essential part of content creation. Don’t be scared of non-traditional media outlets like blogging as a storytelling tool. Offering this digestible content multiple times a week is an easy and effective way to engage with your audience and humanize your brand. 

Leveraging Today’s Trends

Trends suggest that short-form video remains the most popular form of content. Businesses should consider using Instagram Reels to ignite the organic and authentic content consumers crave. These 15-30 second long clips are stories on steroids that allow your most important messaging to reach the audience. The feature also allows creators to play with music and timing of texts, so have fun with it and show your creativity even beyond written words. 

2021 predictions also stress the importance of casual content above corporate jargon. As work from home continues, professionals are engaging with more conversational content to mimic the kind of team environment and personal contact no longer available. Even LinkedIn has recently rolled-out platforms of LinkedIn Live, Events and Polls which are expected to be popular in 2021. 

Strengthening already successful strategies and engaging with new video tools and trends will ultimately create a more human view of your business—the biggest takeaway from reflecting on this past year and envisioning the one to come.