Is email marketing becoming obsolete? This is the question that is on all marketers’ minds as they consider how best to engage with potential and existing customers. Inboxes are overflowing, and the struggle to stand out while still complying with new privacy standards is forcing traditional best practices to evolve. Email marketing is still relevant, but making your brand stand out in the inbox has become more difficult.

The implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR, make it so that consumers need to be aware that their data is being collected and give consent for its use. This means that companies may not collect email addresses via cookies, but rather consumers need to opt into receiving emails. Punishments for violating GDPR include millions of dollars in fines or a percentage of your company’s annual turnover. 

How email marketing has evolved: 

The inbox has changed and not all messages are created equal. Email providers like Gmail now automatically categorize messages so the majority of marketing emails go directly into the Promotions tab without your customer ever seeing the email. 

Because of these changes, marketers need to switch up how they utilize email marketing so they can effectively reach their customers. Fortunately, new technological advances have created opportunities in email marketing: 

  • Interactive emails: the addition of interactive emails has created new and engaging content for consumers, making clicks far more likely.
  • Automated tools: allow marketers to send emails automatically, triggered by the actions of your subscribers.
  • Artificial Intelligence: now brands can create personalized, automated marketing emails that engage subscribers more effectively. 

All of these updates have worked to keep email marketing relevant and to help marketers standout in the inbox.

Making your marketing email stand out:

It’s not enough to blast the same message to every customer on your contact list. Brands can build loyalty and increase sales by personalizing content and engaging customers in the ways they want to be reached. 

If you’re struggling to cut through the inbox clutter and make your emails standout, there are a couple of practices that can help you:

  • Grab your customers attention: Make sure your intro hooks in your reader! Pro Tip: write your email and then choose the best line as your subject line!
  • Personalize your messages: your subscribers will be more likely to read an email tailored to them, rather than a generic, perfectly scripted message. But make sure you don’t templatize your personalization! Keep in mind that “generic personalized emails are today’s mass junk mail.”
  • Don’t overload with images: emails with heavy graphics clutter the inbox and will put your email straight into the Trash!
  • Get to the point: Your customers won’t read through lines and lines of text, so keep it short and simple. Bullets can also help call out key points from a longer message.

Tools for Getting Started

There are so many tools on the market already that make email marketing simple for the everyday marketer. But, if you only want to dip your foot in the email marketing world, these three sites can help you get started with their free subscriptions.

HubSpot recently came out with a free version of their email marketing service that allows users to send 2,000 emails per month. They’re working to simplify their platform to make navigating HubSpot more user friendly.

MailChimp’s free plan allows users to send 10,000 monthly emails to 2,000 contacts. They go a step further by offering insights into how your emails are performing and providing recommendations on how to increase customer engagement.

Mailerlite offers a free account that allows users to send 12,000 marketing emails per month to 1,000 subscribers. They even include email automation, segmentation and campaign reports for their free accounts. 

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