As we dive into a new year it’s important to not just look back at trends from last year, but also look at what trends will emerge in the coming year. As an agency, Next Step Communications tuned into a SEMrush webinar, The Social Media Trends to Watch For In 2019, to garner insight from four communication experts across the globe. The following are predictions on what we think you should be prepared to say hello and goodbye to in 2019.  

Will anything actually be different?

YES & we hope you like videos!  Video content brings companies to life, it narrates their story in an engaging way that draws the audience in. From Snapchat to Instagram stories, a six-second looping video or a 60-second video, this content will be shared across all social channels at a volume we previously did not see in 2018. With our clients, NSC is especially excited to use live videos at tradeshows, and to bring the show to key audiences via social media who may not be able to attend, but are still interested.  

Personal VS. Corporate

We just talked about bringing companies and their stories to life, and having a personal face for your brand is another important step. When you think from the audience’s perspective, who are you more likely to trust: your BFF or a big company? Of course your friend, so companies need to adapt and make their content personable and personal. This can be done in a lot of ways including executive insight into industry news and sharing real stories about people at the heart of the company.

Remember your audience consists of people just like you, so when crafting content, think: what would I want to see? If you want to be entertained and excited, your audience probably wants the same! If you’re still hesitant on a particular post or content creation, do what we do and take a quick office poll. Sending around a few options to your team is a great way to get second opinions and start a dialog on the topic!

What social channels should I be on?

2019 will be the year of LinkedIn. As the channel is not yet oversaturated, posts will have increased visibility, driving website traffic. Similarly, people are likely to start sharing content from a personal perspective, moving away from the notion that LinkedIn is only for jobs and resumes.

Facebook will continue to be effective for B2B marketing, especially ads, as you can obtain a large audience reach with a reasonable budget. Instagram will also be a prominent platform, used for video stories as well as ads to reach a large number of people at a low cost.

Moral of the story, get your agency and clients on the social channels where your audience is posting and browsing!  

Final takeaways:

  1. Get ready to see and experiment with video content in 2019.
  2. Ensure you and your company are on LinkedIn in 2019, not only to post resumes, but to tell personal stories as well.  
  3. Hang up & leave your business hat in 2018. Put on your user hat and walk into 2019 as an authentic, human-centric company.