After an incredibly hot summer, we’re excited to welcome lovely New England fall at Next Step Communications, but sad to say goodbye to our summer intern, Amanda. Before heading off to Australia for her fall semester, Amanda reflected on her time at Next Step Communications as our PR intern, and the lessons she learned while working with us.

Why healthcare PR?

With generations of nurses in my family, I was always intrigued by medical topics. Although I was a pre-med major freshman year of college, my creative expression was lacking. Healthcare PR was a strong balance between medicine, innovation, communication, and creativity. Next Step has challenged me to learn more about the medical field and shown me how to connect issues that impact everyone to our clients.

What did you learn during your time at Next Step?

The first thing I learned was that I had no idea what PR was before stepping into this position. Next Step Communications taught me the importance of public relations and how everything works behind the scenes. One of the most influential skills I was able to hone was my writing. Writing a paper for a class is very different from writing a blog post for a company and the team always provided feedback that allowed me to stretch my creative muscles. In the end I became a stronger writer.

What surprised you the most?

The fast pace environment of a PR firm was unexpected. There were about 50 different things going on and everyone at Next Step worked collaboratively to stay on top of things and produce great results.

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your internship?

I learned a big part of media relations is picking up the phone and talking to reporters. I had a hard time thinking on the spot and I struggled to relax and not freeze up while talking with someone I didn’t know over the phone. My best advice is to remember that the person on the other line is just a person too and understands if you stutter or need to ask clarifying questions.

Ultimately, I would say my absolute biggest challenge was not giving in to Fondue’s need for cuddling (look at those eyes!).

What are you most proud of?

I am proud of how far along my writing skills have come. When someone needed help writing up a blog post, article or briefing sheet, I enjoyed being able to help out.

What is your #NextStep?

My next step is flying across the world to Australia and incorporating everything I learned into my internship in Sydney. I plan to especially use my content writing, research, and teamwork skills.


Beverage: Coffee ( don’t discriminate what type)
Book: The Giver & Harry Potter series
Movie: Django Unchained
Activity: Swimming & Hiking