Since founding NSC, I’ve learned how much heart and effort is needed to put into a company in order to be successful. And that doesn’t even include the work! A few weeks ago we had an office situation – the toilet seat was broken and there was some serious ‘sliding’ around the top of the bowl. If not addressed, something serious could happen.

Now, one might think there’s an easy solution — call the landlord and ask for help. But when you are working in an old building and are not paying downtown prices – the person on the other end of the line said ‘yeah, nope, this is on you to fix.’ So I did what everyone else would do – went to Home Depot, perused the appropriate aisle and made the investment.

So… why am I writing about this? For me, this episode really captured the spirit of what it means to start a business. If not you, who? There is no one behind you to step up when the work isn’t pleasant. However, the PR pro thrives on variety and the daily curve balls presented are how you cut your teeth, learn to think on your feet and absorb and process options. Hence why people burn out and leave the agency world. For those who embrace the opportunity, the agency provides on-going challenges that require you to hold on – and hold onto the toilet seat.