How is this possible? Who is in charge of the universal sniff test? Who thought this was holiday chic? I’m far from PC, and obviously not fashionable, but I don’t even get the ad.

As a ‘communications business owner’ I often stress to my team exercise craft excellence in what you can control – the job is hard enough already. However, when your finished product is something that is controllable – like a press release, a bylined article, an email to a client – mistakes, errors or just being clueless is unacceptable and poor reflection on yourself and my business.

Creativity is something that is so important in our ad/PR industry. We tell passionate and compelling stories through words and/or images. We are here to try and illuminate and bring purpose. Moving forward, this will be my PSA for craft excellence and making sure we bring daily (and hourly) smarts to our games.

Maybe this is one of those reverse efforts where a controversial ad is designed to attack a bigger audience and have national reporters call it out. I’m thinking not, since Bloomingdale’s shoppers have plenty of daughters in their immediate families.

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