Just a year ago, you couldn’t turn on the news without hearing about Ebola. As doctors and nurses were returning from West Africa after providing compassionate care to those in suffering, Ebola was labeled as the pandemic that was going to take down the US population. We saw live helicopter reporting as the infected de-planed in their protective HAZMAT suits to prevent additional spread.

As a PR person, we connected the topic to our clients in a thoughtful way. Seemed that Ebola was second to the ice bucket challenge for a few months. Clearly Ebola was a topic that couldn’t be ignored and an important public health issue. It caused enormous loss of life in Africa and appropriately had the attention of the world.

Now, it is gone. Gone from the US, thankfully gone from Sierra Leon and gone from the morning and evening news shows. Proud of the nameless and faceless public health experts who were able to at first educate, retard, and eradicate the disease. We’ve heard almost nothing in the US news – due to it not being on our cities – but the experts have masterfully done their job. I stumbled across this article on the BBC website to even learn of this update. Sadly the business of healthcare reporting on this topic cost a well-respected physician reporter her job. Hope to see Dr. Nancy Snyderman back on the air, and not hosting some lame healthcare product.