For years I’ve struggled to grasp the senseless popularity of a family based in Southern California that manipulates the weekly tabloid silly sheets for greater marketing pull. My struggle is that people care and they are winning! Yesterday when news broke that the FDA sent a warning letter about a misleading social media post, I felt a brief level of satisfaction (for 28 seconds) before realizing it was just more #winning from two enterprises. ‘OMG, have you heard that I’m off label and my sponsor is raking in the bucks with a 500% increase in digital awareness #winning lol’. Great.

The FDA vs. The Kardashians

The FDA may be unfriendly, unwelcoming and slow to meet the needs of the healthcare industry – however they remain steadfast in their mission of protecting you and me when under the care of a clinician. One has to wonder if Diclegis even cares about an FDA warning letter consider they are on the Today Show, CNBC, HuffPo and every website further strengthening their brand. Even remotely coincidental is the fact that she’s naked, promoting her body to further remind everyone about her financial relationship with Diclegis. C’mon!

For 20+ years I’ve worked with great healthcare innovators who share a passion for improving care and making lives better for others. Everyone has respected the FDA — even with harsh criticism behind doors – as at some point we are patients and will rely on the FDA to ensure our safety when under the care of licensed clinical professionals. Hate to see the gaming of the system by someone who clearly has zero connection to reality, nor respect for the Agency that has ensured her ‘touched up’ procedures have been done with safely.