Today’s Wall Street Journal wrote about the current ‘health’ of both the Social Security and Medicare programs. As most of us in our 40s realize, what we are paying into the government retirement fund for our older neighbors certainly won’t be there when we could use it, let alone non-existent for my little kiddos.

However, the more interesting part of the article was the forecast of Medicare being belly up in 2017 has now received a lifeline past 2020. Naturally the administration is taking some credit for this news – but I’d like to think the healthcare industry – both provider, payers and vendors – working together (yet competitively) are beginning to crack the code to delivering quality care – and better value.

For 20+ years, my clients have all shared this same common goal – in various flavors – but patients can be treated, lives can be improved and clinicians can be more efficient when technology appropriately assists their well-earned and crafted skills. With the on-going downward pressure to reduce costs, I’ve never heard a client or their customers suggest that quality care is being compromised and that they wouldn’t welcome a family member into their practice or operating room.

Next Step is proud to partner with so many companies who carry the mantle of improving care and reducing costs.